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Kristin & Skip Hendrix

Chairman Black Diamond

Kristin was the Vice President of Sales for a $10 million-dollar company when she felt convicted to change her lifestyle from traveling 150 days per year to being at home and focusing on her family and quickly growing teenage daughters. In faith that there was something better for her, she walked away from corporate America in February of 2018. In late June she and her husband, a retired-sporting goods store owner, were introduced to PURE and she knew it was her family’s new path. To say this journey has changed their lives would be a massive understatement. Not only has she replaced the substantial income that her family was accustomed to but she has found the time freedom she was yearning for and can now focus on her family's needs and keep her priorities in place. Today Kristin spends her days working from home and helping others achieve their goals of wealth and health.

PURE Overview with Kristin & Skip

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