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Why did I invite you to take a look:

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Kara Waite

Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur

Why am I building/sharing PURE

I’m happy you are here!  Let me tell you my story.


A few years ago a friend shared Pure with me and I had incredible results - I felt fantastic – no sweet cravings, no dairy cravings (I could literally live on cheese), better elimination, better sleep, glowing skin, and I lost 10lbs.  A year after my detox, I was invited to the Pure Fire conference.  I was blown away by the company - the number of teammates in the medical profession, the quality of the products, the professionalism.


To my surprise, I saw many corporate professionals – just like me – who had left the corporate world to do this full time.  


They had what I was looking for. Work-life balance with the time freedom to be with their families.


My main source of income is my consulting business and I'm very good at what I do.  I've been consulting for almost 30 years - half of which I've  spent running my own business. 


Unfortunately, I trade my hours for dollars and capping out my earnings means I spend way too much time away from family.  


My kids are getting older and I want to be present and spend more time with them. Afterall, these are the years they will remember.


I left that Pure conference and I decided to go ALL IN!  Now I share this gift with everyone I know. 


What does my Pure business look like in just 2 short years?

I have won multiple all expense paid trips. 


I’m building teams with people that I really love spending time with.


I get paid weekly.


Here's the best part: I’m changing lives along the way.


We are not only helping people feel better, but we are helping people become more financially stable.  Multiple streams of income - it's just a smart move.


To wrap it up, not only do we have another major stream of income, but we feel the best we’ve felt.  Earlier this year when I went in for a full blood panel, my doctor said she had not seen blood work that great on anyone my age (50!) in a long, long time.


The nutrition that I’m putting in my body – in Tim’s body – and in Lila & Ryan’s bodies every day is actually doing something. We can tell when we don’t take it - that's how we know it’s working!


I’m not saying your Pure story will look the same, because I don't know what you're looking for. 

But I am saying take a look because it just may be what you've been waiting for.

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