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Horseshoe Farm Trip

Travel with the LifeChanger leaders to Horseshoe Farm in Asheville, NC, December 1-3rd, 2023.

There are 22 rooms available.  

Those who earn the trip will be invited to the Horseshoe Farm in Asheville NC for two nights December 1st and 2nd.

Meals and lodging will be covered for the earner and their spouse. All you have to do is get there. These retreats include training, fun and fellowship. YOU WANT TO BE THERE!

Requirements :

*Must be a VIP

*Must be registered for and attend PURE FIRE 2024

*Must hit Sapphire at least once between 8/22/23 and 11/13/23

*2 of 4 pre-determined weeks you must bring in 4000 points of new (non smartship) volume from your personally sponsored Customers or Brand Partners; this volume can come from your current personally sponsored Customers or Brand Partners but it cannot be smartship volume


hit your LIFETIME RANK (if Sapphire or Above) but if LIFETIME RANK is IBO, Silver, Gold or Platinum you MUST HIT SAPPHIRE






WARNING - SPACE IS LIMITED- the first 22 couples to meet the requirements will earn the trip

(in case of a tie, the team with the most personally sponsored volume brought in the week of the tie will be chosen)


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