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Linley & David Paske

Presidential Black Diamond

Six years ago Linley left her job as the marketing director of a 10 million dollar company to start her own business as a social media trainer and professional speaker. After working her business for 3 years she began looking for an additional income stream to allow her to travel less and spend more time at home with her family. Knowing the major expenses involved with getting her own small business off the ground, she jumped at the chance to start a business with PURE for such a small investment. David also knew the expenses and risk of investing in real estate to create a residual income and encouraged Linley to go all in with PURE. Shortly after launching their PURE business, the Paske family found out they would be moving 3 states away for a promotion in David’s career. Linley was blessed to have the ability to work her PURE business from home while she moved her family and quickly found she was making more in a week with her PURE business than she had been making in several months of working her “day job”. Linley feels incredibly blessed to share the gift of PURE with others and give them the opportunity to improve both their bodies and their bank accounts.

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